Time Deconstruction da Sonic Loom Rec

Novo Álbum Time Deconstruction da Sonic Loom Records


Is time a monster? Is time disaster?
Time could be a friend; the eternal now or mere flashes of moments.
A limitless flow, a way to explain change or existence.
Music is our spaceship for exploring time.
Through this exploration you can focus on any single moment,
keeping it going over the borders of time. Then you open up to the experience of TIME DECONSTRUCTION.

V.A. Time Deconstruction

01 Muscaria & OranMor – C’anthar-an t’hak
02 Atomas – Space Curving
03 Antonymous & Elowinz – Parvati Records – Essence of Seeing
04 Biophotons – Uncharted Seas
05 Amp Swamp – Rainforest Paradox
06 Leso Psy Music – Cinematic Jungle
07 DrURy NeViL & Freakplanet – Cheese Tomato Toast
08 Tromo – The Dreamer
09 Noitrik – Time Invaders
10 Allu – Cosmic Now

Compiled by: Ordo Ab Chao Chao
Mastered by: PetranMusic @ Echology Studios
Artwork by : Somepills.com