Jaratah & Friends Mixed 2019 Hitech Download

Jaratah & Friends Mixed 2019 Hitech Download
Jaratah & Friends Mixed 2019 Hitech Download


1. [00:00] Jaratah & Rav’n – Something You’ve Never Seen Before 170 BPM

2. [07:15] Jaratah & Hygbaba – Religious Instinct 170 BPM

3. [14:15] Jaratah & Tzolkin Project – An Astronaut Is Coming Back 173 BPM

4. [21:30] Jaratah & Neokontrol – Welcome Dance 175 BPM

5. [27:45] Jaratah & Angry Luna – Alien Tears 175 BPM

6. [34:15] Jaratah & Zhonya – Doubt And Faith 178 BPM

7. [40:45] Jaratah & A.u.m – We’ve Spoke With Humans 185 BPM

8. [47:30] Jaratah & Tyndra – Converging Thoughts 195 BPM


▪ Music by: https://soundcloud.com/jaratah

▪ Bookings/Contact: [email protected]

▶️ Bio:

Jaratah is a project born in the French alps, thats influenced by extreme metal, post rock as well as the new psytrance wave. He proposes a sound resolutely Hi Tech where he mixes speed, psychédélia and melodies. Jaratah began production in 2012, quickly encouraged by his friends. In 2013, he joined the Sygma crew which proposes him these first lives. In 2015, it is the French label OVNI REC (Lunarave, Dark Elf, Angry Luna…) which recruited him to release a first EP Init Message, where it involved influences of the psytrance of night, and goa with the swiftness of Hi Tech which characterizes the style of Ovni Rec.

▶️ Release Note:

Few years after his first EP “Init Message”, Jaratah is proud to present you his new blasting versus album : a big gathering of different artists from all over the world in a darkpsy and hitech style. Fast, melodic and atmospheric, “Jaratah And Friends” will take you in a big travel between earth and outter space, exploring the relationship between different species…Discover the power of collaboration with this new release from Ovni Records !

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Jaratah & Friends Mixed 2019 Hitech Download

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