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Phaxe – Modern Terms 2012

Hey guys,

It’s Throwback Thursday yet again. This time I want to tell a little bit about the track Phaxe – Modern Terms, released on Spin Twist Records in 2012.

Modern Terms was made in a time where the so-called offbeat progressive trance was very popular.

This style of music simply got the name offbeat because the bass line and a lot of other elements or instruments is off the beat.That means the groove has a single bass note between every kick and says, if I should write it words, “Kick – Bass – Kick – Bass – Kick – Bass – Kick – Bass” and it continues like that for the whole song. 🙂

The style was not invented in the year 2012, it has been a part of the progressive trance scene as long as I can remember. I think the first time I listened to a full album with mostly offbeat tracks, was when Shiva Chandra from Germany released his album Auricular in 2000. But also an albums like Haldolium’s H2, Be Real and many tracks from Bitmonx, Freq and a lot of other artists from that period inspired me to listen to and enjoy this style of music.

One thing is for sure though! When you speak about offbeat music you have to mention the city Hamburg in Germany. This city has always represented the offbeat genre very much and was often called the Offbeat City. Hats off and respect to all the guys and crews from this area for all the great music and inspiration over the years.

I think for me the big wave off offbeat progressive psytrance started around 2007/2008 when Neelix realesed the albums “Same Thing But Different” and “You’re Under Control” those are very remarkable albums, and quickly many producers captured and understood the vibe and party feeling this type of music can have on a dance floor. Over the following years this style had a major role in the progressive psytrance scene. It was so popular at one point that everybody did this style and it became a bit to much in the end. If you are on a festival 3 days and there is only one style of music coming out of the speakers, it quickly becomes to much for me.

But that doesn’t make it a bad type of music, I just think it became too common. Just like any other genre there has bin overplayed, and over the years the style slowly faded out and the so called offbeat producers started to experiment with different kind of grooves.

Today it’s still a very common style and many guys are making awesome offbeat tracks. I would say though, that today the offbeat style is not as narrow as it was 6-8 years ago and the tracks seems to has a wider range in variation and don’t sound so similar as they did when the style was peaking and everybody sounded the same.

Also a funny fact is that today the term offbeat can have a different meanings depending on where you are in the World. For example in Brazil offbeat is a term that is used for when the music is very melodic and dreamy, and doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with where the bass is placed in the beat.

So that’s a little story about how I became a big lover of offbeat music and why I still today produce a lot of this style. Im sure the story behind the genre goes much deeper then what i write here and there is alot of different opinions about it. This is just how it came to me back in the days.

With the track Modern Terms I remember I wanted to make a pumping offbeat track, but with a sprinkle of uplifting melody and summer vibe. The voice speak in the track is from the movie “Hanna”, so if you ever watch that movie maybe you can recognize some words here and there. It got the name Modern Terms because the offbeat style was so popular at that time.

Enjoy your day, stay safe and see you in the next one 🙂

Phaxe Phaxe – Modern Terms 2012


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