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Phaxe & Audiomatic – Digital Technology 2009

Hey guys,

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time to look at another track from the past. This time I want to highlight Phaxe & Audiomatic – Digital Technology released on Blue Tunes Records in 2009.

Like I wrote in an earlier Throwback Thursday story – 2009 was a year where a lot of things happened in my music life, and it was also the year where I got to know Benni (Audiomatic). I think the first time we met was on a festival in Germany (Indian Spirit) and I remember listening to Audiomatic’s DJ set from the dance floor and he played a track from me and my friend (Sinister Silence – Heaven and Hell), it was a big moment to listen to my own music played by a cool DJ on an open air festival and on a big sound system with all my friends. After Benni’s set I had a coffee with him and we quickly fell into a good talk and some laughs.

A bit later that Summer he invited me to come to his place, since we both had a gig on the same party and we could easily travel to his place afterwards. The next 6 days I was in Bocholt in Germany making a track with a guy I just met but already had an awesome friendship with, fun fact: we’re the same age and our birthdays are only one day apart.

The track came quite fast to us and we didn’t struggle so much because we both like the same style of music. For me it was very cool to try working in another studio than my own – it was not very big, but much more cool then my little bedroom studio at home and Benni had a real synth and some cool gear.

A cool thing about this story is that after 6 days in the studio, a lot of smoking, and a lot of snacks and candy. We had a finished track, and we were both playing on the same festival the upcoming weekend: FUSION Festival in Germany !! Fusion Festival is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Germany and one of my personal favorites – It’s happening every second year and it is so much more than just a music festival. It’s full of art and creative structures that you feel and see wherever you go on the festival site. We traveled together to Fusion Festival to stay for the weekend, we both played the just finished track and we were blown away by how good the reaction was from the dance floor and how cool the whole process over the last days had been.

Since our first studio session in 2009 we have kept on visiting each other almost every year – well we don’t finish a track every year but at least we hang out and speak about music and life. I have to say thanks to Benni for inviting me to his home back then, all the laughs, all the long life lesson talks we had and all the tracks we have done the past 10 years. Thanks bro !!

Today when I listen to this track it’s easy for me to travel back to those days and think about how awesome things can develop if you are open minded to what’s comes to you and what’s gonna happen. Imagine that I didn’t travel to Benni’s house 10 years ago and we never did that first track.

My favorite thing about this track is the kind of laid back feeling and groove it has, the gated synth that starts in the break is very nice and brings a lot of feelings to the track, and if you know me and Audiomatic’s music from back then you can hear both of us in the track.

Alright.. Thats this week’s throwback.

Stay safe and see you in the next one 🙂

Phaxe Phaxe & Audiomatic – Digital Technology 2009


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