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In this new video tutorial, Dubspot Instructor and sound programmer-extraordinaire Chris Petti shows you how to create a Drum Rack that will possibly be The Last Drum Rack You’ll Ever Have to Make in Ableton Live! A bold state indeed, as Petti acknowledges, but then proceeds to explain and demonstrate step by step how you can macro map to select and switch between Live’s rack devices and Sampler for endless permutations and customizations. This technique has been demonstrated by artist and educator Ill Gates.

Here is a bit of a switch-up for you; me in an Ableton Live video tutorial! Most of the time you see me in these videos using Propellerhead’s Reason, but as I always tell everyone, I use a number of different tools. Each one of these tools has it’s own slew of tricks and workflow functions that allow it to do something faster or smoother than another tool. This technique is too cool to keep to myself. I actually do teach it to my Ableton students at Dubspot here in NYC, and now everyone will learn it and use it if they choose to.

In this video I will be showing you how to create what might be the last Drum Rack you will ever need to make. I realize that this may sound a bit sensational and over the top, but as you will see, the resulting Drum Rack will allow for endless permutations to create custom kits with. Just to give you a little ramp up to the technicalities involved; Ableton Live’s rack devices and the Sampler, in this case, possess up to 128 chains, and we can set up macro mappings to select and switch between them. Understanding this is the fundamental basis for how this Drum Rack is achieved.

So, I hope that you enjoy and understand the technique. Remember this is ultimately to aid and abed your final goal – making great music. Until next time. – Chris Petti

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The Last Drum Rack You'll Ever Have to Make - Ableton Live Tutorial