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Ableton Live Tutorial: Drum Techniques w/ Beat Repeat

Stay up to date with our latest videos, tutorials, reviews, event recaps, interviews, and more by subscribing to our channel http://ow.ly/X7H82 In this Ableton Live tutorial, Professor Nalepa offers some tips on using Live’s Beat Repeat device to manipulate sounds and make them more interesting. Nalepa demonstrates some studio techniques on creating drum fills and random drum pattern variations to give new life to your drum arrangements. He also shares some live performance techniques using MIDI Mapping and the Beat Repeat’s Pitch Decay control to apply some cool stuttering pitch effects. Dubspot is a global leader in Electronic Music...

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Ableton Live Tutorial: ‘Stutter Gate’ Real-Time Vocal Gating Techniques

More info – http://bit.ly/pI0sZt In this tutorial, Dubspot Instructor and Ableton Live Curriculum Designer Professor Nalepa explains and demonstrates a great technique to create real-time stuttering gated vocal effects where you can adjust the rate of the gate on the fly. You can use this live on vocals or other instruments, but it also works great in the studio. To accomplish this, you utilize all three types of Ableton’s built-in tools: Instrument, Audio Effect and MIDI Effect. Check out our channel page for more tutorials, reviews, recaps, interviews, see what our partners are up to and more! And stay...

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King Britt Dubspot Workshop! Ableton Live Tutorial / Creating Sample Packs ‘Fragments’

More info: http://bit.ly/Y8LdhO King Britt is one of the best-known and most influential DJ/producers to come out of the Philadelphia music scene. In this Dubspot video interview he discusses his new loop/sample pack project Fragments and how the process for making collections of sounds differs from that of producing complete tracks. While demonstrating how he has designed the Fragments series of sample packs, he also shows the versatility of Ableton Live and explains why he uses Ableton as his performance platform. Ableton...

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Ableton Live Tutorial: Sidechain Compression Pt. 1 w/ Steve Nalepa

Stay up to date with our latest videos, tutorials, reviews, event recaps, interviews, and more by subscribing to our channel http://ow.ly/X7H82 In this first video of a three-part series focusing on sidechain compression, Dubspot course designer and Ableton Live expert Steve Nalepa introduces some creative ways to use the concept of sidechain compression. The popular technique of sidechaining has been used in a number of different ways by audio engineers and electronic music producers such as Daft Punk, Justice, Baths, Nosaj Thing, and many many others. In part 2 Professor Nalepa demonstrates how to use the Sidechain feature on...

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Psytrance Tutorial – Downtempo track breakdown – Ableton Live Tutorial

→ SIGA-NOS PARA MAIS TRANCE: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Psychedelic.com.br Website: http://psychedelic.com.br Track deconstruction for my latest tune Existence, available here for a free download; Band Camp – https://universaltriberecords.bandcamp.com/album/mind-mirror Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/universaltribe-records/mind-mirror-existence Mind Mirror; https://www.facebook.com/mindmirrornz Universal Tribe Records; https://www.facebook.com/universaltriberecords https://universaltriberecords.bandcamp.com/ Ableton...

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