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Making Next-Level Psychedelic Drums with TRISTAN (Nano Records)

An excerpt from our three-hour Psychedelic Trance Masterclass Ableton Special featuring the mighty Tristan. Watch him contort a seemingly innocent drum loop into the exact kind of robotic sounds you’ll hear in the music of this legend of Psychedelic Music. For information on future Masterclasses, visit www.futurephonic.co.uk or facebook.com/futurephonic Ableton...

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3 Synthetic Forest : Mirkwood 169bpm Dark Psy Psychedelic Forest Horrordelic 2014

Released by : Horrordelic Records Music by: Synthetic Forest Mastering by: Anomalistic Records Artwork by: Edelf Horrordelic Free EP: 009 Download Free: http://darkpsyportal.anomalisticrecords.com/synthetic-forest-eventyr-horrordelic/ Synthetic Forest (Germany) comes up with his 4th. Ep named Eventyr. Eventyr translates to Fairytale in Norwegian language.. After adventures and live set at Skogtroll in Norway, September 2014, the creativty and drive to create something special was strong. Work started shortly after to finish this EP in this full spirit and energy … This journey continues Synthetic Forest`s powerful, atmospheric and mystical expression through Darkpsy. Having 3 EP`s allready out and many tracks through his...

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