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Ableton Live Operator Tutorial: Techno Fundamentals – More Than A Bassline w/ John Selway

Read the article by John Selway and find out more here: http://bit.ly/qWWZjl In the first installment of Techno Fundamentals, electronic musician and Dubspot Instructor John Selway explains and shows you how to create interesting, deep, and lush bass sounds with Ableton Live’s versatile software instrument Operator. Watch part 2 here: “Ableton Live Tutorial: Techno Fundamentals Pt 2 – One Note To Rule Them All – Synth + Macros” – http://youtu.be/zsGvWDr6VHU Watch part 3 here: “Ableton Live Tutorial: Techno Fundamentals Pt 3 – One Note To Rule Them All – Effects + Automation ” http://youtu.be/6oPrWo-fB28 Also check out “Minimal Techno...

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Psytrance Kick & Bassline for Beginners – Ableton Live Tutorial

Entry level Psytrance production. This lesson will show you how to create beginner level kicks and basslines for any style of Psytrance. The purpose was to offer a tutorial that teaches you the basics that you can then manipulate in order to create your own sounds/style. In the future I will do an intermediate lesson, then also an advanced lesson. Hopefully this lesson assists you in accomplishing your dream of creating music. Ableton...

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