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Psytrance Rook O Z O R A Festival Pumpui Stage 2017 available to download

Tracklist: Spirit Architect – Next Destination (Original Mix) Tristan & Aardvarkk – Daws Of Perception (Imagine Mars & Volcano Remix) Ajja & Outsiders – Divine Particles (Original Mix) Ajja – Juicy Shrooms (Imaginarium Remix) Imaginarium – Astral Dimension (Original Mix) Imaginarium – Amok (Original Mix) Reversed Logic – Quantum Flashes (Original Mix) Reversed Logic – Chasing the Ghost (Original Mix) Imagine Mars – Sacred Space (Original Mix) Ital – Green Tara (Imaginarium Remix) Djantrix & Rezonant – Lemuria (Original Mix) Djantrix & Modual – Back To The Rituals (Original Mix) Reversed logic – Leave Your Logic (Original Mix) Reversed...

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Psytrance VIA AXIS Sangoma Records Series Vol 19 14 02 2017

Via Axis is the project of Rafael Corrales from São Paulo, Brazil. Producing music since 2005, he played his first live set in 2007. After his highly acclaimed debut album “ Expressions of One” in 2011 on Ovnimoon records, his unique and utterly psychedelic interpretation of psychedelic trance music brought him a lot of attention from the scene, which led to performances at renowned festivals like Boom (Portugal), Universo Paralello (Brazil), O.Z.O.R.A. (Hungary) Antaris (Germany), Earthdance (Brazil), Monte Mapu(Chile), Zuvuya (Brazil) and Respect (Brazil) among others. His atmospheric hypnotic tunes are known for its deepness and they often contain...

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Therapy Tzeentch Dharma Festival 2017 Main Stage

Closing set of second night on Dharma Festival 2017 (08.07.2017) recorded at 6 a.m. after AudioSyntax, that took place at the beautiful venue on the beach of the Baltic Sea 🙂 Great morning vibe and crazy people on the sandy dancefloor! Awesome memories and experience, definitely night to be remembered! Big thanks to Dharma Collective (www.facebook.com/DharmaFestival/) for make it happen (and thanks David for nice chat & small b2b ;)) Some random videos from night&day: youtu.be/UI6-a0llU8M youtu.be/P_tWPDJZeuY youtu.be/TelePqEUo3Y youtu.be/FnkVWu5o3-A All rights reserved to the artists and record labels. For any issue please send message at About page....

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