Gahabbi is the psytrance avatar of Gabor Szundi from Budapest, Hungary.
Gabor got his first taste of electronic dance music at a very young age after being exposed to the Budapest underground scene. It was not too long before he entered into the magical dimension of psytrance after walking into a portal during his first encounter with Ozora. Inspired by the Ozora Experience, he started to go deeper down the rabbit hole of psychedelic trance, which eventually led him to start playing the music himself. Gahabbi has since been very active in the Hungarian psytrance scene, having played at many parties and festivals including Chakacsütörtök , 4.49 Festival and Ozora. His choice of music is varied, with a special focus on the groovier side of psytrance, which enables him to design and create a high energy dance floor drenched in psychedelia. In 2017 Gahabbi joined the Hypnotique Recordings family, where his focus is to create his own music as he continues to narrate high octave psychedelia thorough his DJ sets at festivals and parties around the world.

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