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DJ Sunshine interview on Ozorian Prophet…w-w-dj-sunshine/

Presenting the very first edition of the oldest active Russian psytrance label Insomnia Records’ bimonthly series is one of the most notable members of the Russian scene since the early 2000’s, none other than KOSTA a.k.a. DJ SUNSHINE.

DJ Sunshine (Kostas) got influenced with psychedelic trance music and started to play dj-sets in 2003. Since 2005 he was running the label and promo group Technical Freaks, making parties in Russia, Moscow Region and released an album of well known russian artist – Furious.
Some events were produced together with the long time established label Insomnia Records and since 2009 Sunshine is a label manager, DJ, party organizer of Insomnia and represent the label worldwide. Kostas has performed at the most well known russian festivals and also played in India, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and other countries around the globe.

Music from Sunshine is not funky morning tunes as you can think regarding the nickname. Usually it is deep groovy night forest stories provided with special psychedelic energy. Communicating with many artists around the globe Sunshine is playing lots of new trippy stories exclusively, trying to catch the true spirit of underground.

Together with DJ Becar (the founder of Insomnia Records) in 2014 Kostas has compiled VA – Crast Test, and during the year of 2016 he is preparing a brand new compilation which will be out in autumn.

DJ Sunshine
SoundCloud: @kostakisunshine

Insomnia Records
SoundCloud: @insomnia_records

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Insomnia Records

Psytrance DJ SUNSHINE Insomnia Records Series 1 15 09 2015