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Juno Reactor is a musical and performing group known for their cinematic fusion of electronic, global influences, and orchestral symphonic approach. Central to the project is Ben Watkins, who has been collaborating with changing ensemble of musicians from across the world. The project currently consists of Ben Watkins and Mike Macguire. At one time or another, Juno Reactor also included Johann Bley, stephen holweck and Jens Waldenback. Juno reactor is probably one of the most famous electronic music bands in the world, composing music to The Matrix films and for several computer games.
Beyond the Infinite is the third album released by Juno Reactor. The album is a trip into Goa psytrance, full of the unique Juno reactor`s melodies, fast and kicking bass lines,and trippy samples that makes you get lost in space.

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Juno Reactor - Beyond the Infinite (Full Album)