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In the latest episode of The Petti Test, Dubspot instructor and sound programmer-extraordinaire, Chris Petti explains and demonstrates how to write chords and melodies using Ableton Live Chord devices and Polysix synthesizer. Keyboardist and pianist Zack Baird (Korn) also makes a guest appearance.

I hope that you’ve been enjoying my series. I have received a lot of great feedback, and I really appreciate it. Thank you!

I was all set to do the next installment of the Petti Test with the focus being chord entry into a sequencer. I had received the submission a little while ago, and thought that it would be a good one. Two days before the shoot, Dubspot received an email from Zac Baird, keyboardist and pianist currently collaborating the band Korn.

Zac said that he was going to be in NYC as they had a show in New Jersey. He wrote in the email that he is a big fan of Dubspot, has watched many of our YouTube videos, and loves what we are doing. Big stroke for our egos. He said that he had a day to kill in NYC and he could either go to a museum or he could come to Dubspot and learn something. Not to say that he wouldn’t learn something at a museum, but I think that the fun factor would be way higher at Dubpot.

So, we invited him and asked for him to make a guest appearance on The Petti Test. He is using Ableton Live on his tour with Korn. I got to spend quite a bit of time with Zac, and I can honestly say that he is one of the coolest cats I have met in the music industry. He hadn’t really worked with too many of the rack devices, so, his time with me was spent mostly working with these rack devices and putting parts and sounds together for facilitating his live performance setups. He has a rich history with hardware synths and workstations and the rack devices in Live allow for a lot of parallels to be made and recreated in it’s highly flexible environment.

Check out the video, and I hope that you enjoy! – Chris Petti

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How To Build EDM Chords w/ Ableton Live - The Petti Test Ep.5 (Guest: Zac Baird, KORN)