What exactly is Warping and Slicing?
One of the things that makes Ableton Live such a unique and powerful piece of software is a fundamental feature which completely changes how you are able to interact with your audio. This feature is called Warping. Warping allows you to manipulate the tempo and pitch of your audio independently of one another. This means that you can change the pitch of a song to fit the pitch of another without changing the tempos, or you can slow down or speed up a piece of audio without altering the pitch. As someone who came from using hardware samplers like the Akai S-900, Roland W-30, and even the MPC 1000, you can imagine just how mind-blowing a discovery this was for me at the time… when you learn how to effectively warp audio and apply it to your songs, every sample becomes a new piece of elastic to be stretched to your liking.

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Ableton Live Tutorial: Intro to Warping + Slicing Audio - Thavius Beck